Nintendo Switch Bundle With Mario Tennis Aces and 1-2-Switch Heading to Walmart

Okay, summer isn’t even over yet, but we’re sure that you guys have been thinking about Christmas already, no? Come on, for those that do

Japan: Splatoon 2 Rises To Number Two

The latest Media Create charts are now in and they show us exactly what software and hardware is selling at the moment in Japan. The

US: Nintendo Announces Walmart-Exclusive Nintendo Switch Bundle

If you haven’t yet picked up a Nintendo Switch system or are looking to jump start your holiday shopping, Walmart has a great exclusive deal starting on

Octopath Traveler Sales Surpass 175,000 in Japan After First Month

Earlier this month, the official Twitter account for Octopath Traveler proudly announced that the latest Nintendo Switch exclusive JRPG had surpassed one million units sold

THQ Nordic Acquires The TimeSplitters And Second Sight Series

THQ Nordic has put out a press release to inform fans that the company has successfully obtained the TimeSplitters and Second Sight series. Both of those

Little Dragons Cafe Launches In Europe 21st September And North America 24th August

The charming looking Little Dragons Cafe finally has a release date for the Nintendo Switch in Europe. Gamers will be able to get a copy

Fortnite Pump Shotguns Getting Buff to Equip Time – Game Rant

The pump shotgun in Fortnite has been a contentious subject since the title first launched its battle royale mode. From inconsistent damage to fast switching

State of Mind Review

State of Mind on PC The future, whether it be near or distant, remains ripe territory for games to explore themes and philosophical questions for

Dark Souls Remastered Finally Gets a Release Date on Nintendo Switch

Dark Souls Remastered finally has a release date on Nintendo Switch, as Bandai Namco announced the game and the Solaire of Astora amiibo will be available

Dark Souls Remastered’s Solaire Of Astora amiibo Launches October 19 For Nintendo Switch

Bandai Namco recently announced the release date for Dark Souls: Remastered, which launches on October 19 for Nintendo Switch. Also releasing on the same day

New Game+ Coming to Overcooked 2; Adds Fourth Star to Every Level

As if getting three stars on every level in Overcooked 2 wasn’t tough enough already, a fourth star is being added to every level as

Hi-Rez Divides into Three Development Studios to Maximize Potential

Hi-Rez Studios, developers of popular god-brawling MOBA Smite and other massive co-operative online games such as Paladins and Realm Royale, has split into three different

Video: Smash Bros Wii U & Smash Ultimate Returning Stages Graphics Comparison

A lot of the stages from Super Smash Bros. Wii U will be returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So, GameXplain have decided to see

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season Giveaway!

This is it, the big one! Finally we’re going to get to see how Clementine’s emotional journey through four seasons will come to an end.

Steep for Switch cancellation shatters hope of AAA support!

Steep is one of my favourite Ubisoft games made in recent memory. It is a huge open world game, (aren’t they all), yet without any

Smash Bros. Fans Crafting Theory About Dying Characters – Game Rant

Ever since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was shown during Nintendo’s showcase at E3 2018, several of the newcomers being added to the forthcoming fighting game

September’s Pokemon GO Community Day Features Chikorita

The developers over at Niantic have announced the next Community Day for their smash hit Pokemon GO mobile app. It will begin on Saturday 22nd

10 Console Exclusives This Generation That Went Multiplatform

No Man’s Sky No Man’s Sky has had a tumultuous life so far. It started out as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but that may have

Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Switch Release Date is Later Than Expected – Game Rant

Dark Souls Remastered was announced for Nintendo Switch back in January, with fans of the new Nintendo console excited to play the ultra-hard RPG on

UK Charts: Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Remains Top Of Charts For Seventh Consecutive Week

Activision has been on a roll recently with Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game remains perched

Dark Souls Remastered For Nintendo Switch Coming 19th October

Finally we have received a solid release date for the challenging but rewarding Dark Souls Remastered for the Nintendo Switch. The brutal game will be

My Time At Portia Creators New Game To Be Published On Nintendo Switch

The folks over at CIRCLE Entertainment have announced today that they have partnered with developer Pathea Games to release the studio’s next game on Nintendo

SEGA’s Nagoshi Explains He Pitched Yakuza To Nintendo And Microsoft But Both Weren’t Interested

The Yakuza series would be an excellent addition to the ever-growing Nintendo Switch library and it turns out the series was initially pitched to Nintendo.

Sumo Digital Acquires The Chinese Room Who Made Dear Esther And Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

Sumo Digital, who developed the charming Snake Pass and are currently working on Team Sonic Racing, has announced today that it has acquired The Chinese

Let’s Predict What Blizzard Will Do With Diablo at Blizzcon Later This Year

The other day, Blizzard set Diablo fans into a tizzy. After months of speculation, job opening sightings, and light switch-fueled conspiracy theories, Blizzard finally came

If Blizzard is Making Diablo 4, Here Are 4 Things It Needs to Get Right

Less Forgiving Progression 5 Things We Want to See in “Diablo 4” Diablo 3 offers unprecedented freedom in the series as far as character building

Mario Stars On The Cover Of Edge’s 25th Anniversary Edition

Edge is doing something special for its 25th anniversary issue. Subscribers to the popular video game magazine will receive one of four different covers, featuring

Doom Eternal PvP Multiplayer Mode to Replace SnapMap – Game Rant

Bethesda and id Software showed off some new gameplay of Doom Eternal, the follow-up to the 2016 reboot of Doom, at QuakeCon 2018. Now, more

Ex-EGM & 1UP Chief Dan “Shoe” Hsu Joins Blizzard to Lead New In-House Editorial Team

Former editorial chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) & 1UP, Dan “Shoe” Hsu, revealed today that he’s moving onto Blizzard to lead up a new

Fangamer: Undertale Physical Copies Available To Pre-Order

Undertale is yet another indie game that Nintendo Switch owners are looking forward to. I don’t believe we’ve had a release date yet for the

Undertale Gets a Special Physical Release for Switch and PS4

The incredibly stylized 2D adventure game in hell is finally making its debut on consoles. Undertale, an RPG where no one has to die, was

Next ARMS Party Crash Begins 17th August 2018

Nintendo has announced when ARMS owners can unite once again for the ARMS Party Crash. The next event sees Helix and Lola Pop battle it out

GRIS Coming To Nintendo Switch This Christmas

Devolver Digital has confirmed today the gorgeous GRIS will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch this December. As you can see from the trailer embedded

Devolver Digital Announces Gris, a Gorgeous Watercolor Platformer for Switch and PC

Devolver Digital and Nomada Studio have announced Gris, a stunning looking new 2D platformer with a bright watercolor aesthetic, coming to Switch and PC sometime

Action RPG Fall Of Light: Darkest Edition Coming To Nintendo Switch This Month

The release date for the atmospheric action RPG, Fall of Light: Darkest Edition has finally been announced. The game will come to the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Fan Turns Switch Joycons into Gamecube Theme – Game Rant

The Gamecube controller is the one design fans have yet to abandon completely. It has been popping back up in some form with every Nintendo

August Is Packed Full of 2018’s Best Indie Games

Before the days of Steam sales, Xbox Live Summers of Arcade and the like, summer gaming was just code speak for “playing through Final Fantasy

Pokemon Quest Makes $30,000 Per Day – Game Rant

Earlier this year, Pokemon surprised the community with the announcement of a few new Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch. One of the new games, Pokemon

Latest Sonic Movie Photos Show Him Driving An SUV In San Francisco

A new batch of images of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie have appeared online and they show our spiky blue hedgehog driving a SUV

Nintendo Has Achieved Over 700 Million Hardware Units Sold

There’s no disputing the reach and influence of Nintendo in the video game industry and recent data has revealed that the Kyoto-based company has shifted

MUSYNX On Nintendo Switch Receives 11 Brand-New Songs

The team behind MUSYNX on the Nintendo Switch has announced that the rhythm title has received eleven brand new songs for you to delve into. The

Donkey Kong Country Was Originally Called “Monkey Mayhem”, & King K. Rool’s Original Name Was “Kommander K. Rool”

King K. Rool’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate surprised a lot of people, including the people that helped create the character so many years

Splatoon 2 Producer Explains Why Octolings Are Hurt By Water

During a recent Nintendo interview, Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami addressed various questions regarding Octolings and the Octo Expansion DLC in general. One of the

Nintendo Has Surpassed 300 Million Home Consoles Sold

It seems that Sony isn’t the only company celebrating a monumental sales milestone; Gamnesia’s Ben Lamoreux has discovered that as of Nintendo’s last sales update

Fortnite Adding Heavy Sniper Weapon Next Week – Game Rant

It was almost three weeks ago that Fortnite fans caught wind that a new sniper rifle weapon was nearing release, with Epic Games finally confirming

Doom Eternal Switch Version Targeting 30fps, Missing 60fps Is “No Sacrifice to the Experience”

Developer Panic Button shocked the gaming industry when it was able to release Doom 2016 on the Nintendo Switch with only a few sacrifices. Surprisingly,

DOOM Eternal For Nintendo Switch Is Being Worked On By Panic Button And Aiming For 30fps

The DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch announcement by Bethesda was very well received by owners of Nintendo’s latest system. It has emerged today that the

Okami Receiving a Vinyl to Celebrate Its Re-Release on Switch

Capcom’s beautifully crafted RPG, Okami, has just re-released onto the Nintendo Switch eShop this past week, and to celebrate the launch, Data Discs is offering

Doom Eternal’s Invasion System Can Be Turned Off, but id Software Hopes You Don’t

Previously revealed at QuakeCon 2018, Doom Eternal’s Dark Souls-like invasion system will allow players to control a demon and impede another’s single-player progress. Unlike the

Where to Find the Week 5 Hidden Battle Star – Game Rant

Now that Season 5 Week 5 of Fortnite has been going on for a few days, some fans have been able to complete all of the

DOOM Eternal Will Feature Traditional Multiplayer

DOOM Eternal was recently announced for the Nintendo Switch which certainly pleased a lot of fans who were uncertain whether the game would arrive on

Rage 2 Developers Looking At Nintendo Switch And Working Out Whether It Is Possible

Variety has published a new interview with Tim Willits, who is ID studio director and the original Rage game director. During the interview the publication asks Willits

Fortnite Week 6 Challenges Leak, Include Stone Head Battle Star – Game Rant

Although Week 6 doesn’t officially start until next week, Fortnite’s latest set of challenges have already surfaced online. So those players looking to knock out

Road to Ballhalla Review: Keep (T)Rolling, (T)Rolling, (T)Rolling

It takes a lot of balls to mock the player the way that Road to Ballhalla does. Early into the game, when most developers take the time

There Are Currently No Plans For A Switch Version Of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

GameSpot recently did an interview with Eidos Montreal lead game designer Heath Smith, where they discussed Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, as well as a

Ubisoft Director Says He Would Bring Assassin’s Creed Odyssey To Nintendo Switch If He Knew How To Program

The folks at Game Informer recently had an opportunity to chat with Ubisoft game director Scott Phillips about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. One of the questions

You Can Now Pre-Order A Nintendo Switch Online Subscription From Best Buy & GameStop

The Nintendo Switch Online service launches in just one more month. If you still plan to pre-order it, there are some new options that have

Pokemon Quest Mobile Revenue Is $8 Million After Just One Month

It seems as though Pokemon Quest is another free to play title which is raking in the cash for the Pokemon Company. The game initially

Owlboy Limited Edition Now Coming To USA And Canada 28th September

Those of you who have been putting off purchasing the well-received Owlboy from the Nintendo Switch eShop due to wanting the special physical copy will

DOOM Eternal Will Have Story DLC – Game Rant

At E3 this year, Bethesda and id Software finally announced a new DOOM game, which is a sequel to the gory 2016 DOOM reboot, titled

This Is The Police 2 Heading To Nintendo Switch On 25th September

THQ has announced via a press release that it is planning to release This is the Police 2 on the Nintendo Switch fairly soon. The

New Fortnite Durr Burger Set Skin Leaks – Game Rant

Yesterday, the popular battle royale game Fortnite added the new Beef Boss skin, the Flying Saucer glider, and the Patty Whacker pickaxe. Now, a recent leak suggests the

Google Missing Out on $50 Million Because of Fortnite – Game Rant

When Fortnite developer Epic Games revealed it would only make the Android version of the game available through its website and not through the Google Play store,

Nintendo Switch Online Includes ‘Special Offers’ for Subscribers – Game Rant

Last year, Nintendo announced that just like Xbox and PlayStation, it will also release an online subscription service that will provide players with various services for

Europe: Splatfest Happening 18th August Choose Between Relaxing Or Adventure Holiday

The next European Splatoon 2 Splatfest will commence on Saturday, 18th of August. It begins at 3pm BST and this time players are asked whether

More DOOM Eternal Information | My Nintendo News

DOOM Eternal was announced for the Nintendo Switch yesterday evening and it caught some Nintendo Switch fans off guard. Some had presumed that the title

Video: Check Out The Accolades Trailer For WarioWare Gold

The latest promo for WarioWare Gold highlights some of the positive things critics had to say about the recently-released Nintendo 3DS game. You can check

Video: Nintendo Minute Play Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart

It is board game time in this week’s episode of Nintendo Minute. Kit and Krysta explained more in the video description, saying that “we’re joined

DOOM Eternal Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

In an unexpected move, Bethesda has announced that DOOM Eternal will be gracing the Nintendo Switch. Clearly this is excellent news for Nintendo enthusiasts and

Rocket League Cross-Platform Parties Coming September

Rocket League developer Psyonix has confirmed that the long-awaited Cross-Platform Parties feature will be arriving in September. The development team detailed their latest roadmap for

Fortnite Making a Major Change to Mouse and Keyboard Matchmaking – Game Rant

Just recently, the video game developer Epic Games brought some alterations to the wildly popular multiplayer sandbox survival title Fortnite, as the studio buffed building

Goku Voice Actor Says He Hasn’t Been Approached For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Rumours were swirling that there might be a possibility of Goku appearing in the latest Super Smash Bros title, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. However, those

DOOM Eternal Reveals New Gameplay – Game Rant

Doom is one of the most energetic and gory franchises on the market and developer Bethesda Softworks looks to be upping the ante with DOOM Eternal, which was

Will Fortnite on Nintendo Switch Require Online Subscription? – Game Rant

With Nintendo Switch’s Online Service set to release in the second half of September 2018, many gamers are wondering if one will need to pay

Nintendo UK Store: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Limited Edition Now Available To Pre-Order

The Nintendo UK Store has informed customers that the highly sought after Super Smash Bros Ultimate Limited Edition is now available for consumers to pre-order. The

Video: Atlus Shares New Persona Q2 TV Commercial

Atlus has shared a second television commercial for the forthcoming Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth for the Nintendo 3DS. We found out from the company that

Fortnite Adds Beef Boss Outfit and Durr Burger Cosmetics – Game Rant

It’s been a busy week for Fortnite as the game not only entered beta for Android devices, but a brand new patch was also released

Video: Inazuma Eleven Ares: “Introduction To Shooting”

The latest Inazuma Eleven game is coming to the Nintendo Switch for the first time as Inazuma Eleven Ares. The series has been a big success

Sonic Movie Casts Adam Patty, Neal McDonough, Plus New Plot Details

More information has emerged today about the Sonic the Hedgehog movie which is due to arrive in cinemas later next year. Two new actors for

Top 5 Best Indie Games of 2018 So Far

Celeste Best Indie Games of 2018 So Far Celeste led the charge in what has been a sublime year for indie gaming. So good, in

Nintendo Sends Out Press Release For Nintendo Switch Online Service

Nintendo’s upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service is an affordable, multi-featured paid service that lets users enjoy online play for compatible Nintendo Switch games, access a growing library of classic

Drum Gun Gets Hit With Hefty Nerf

Epic Games has detailed a new update that is dropping into Fortnite today. The update focuses two major balance changes: weapon damage, and wall health.

Pool Panic Review: Corner Pocket

Billiards has intrigued me since my dad first showed my brother and I a mini table with a swinging cue ball. I loved the sound

Nintendo’s Online Service for Switch Kicks off in the Second Half of September

Nintendo has just shared new information about their upcoming online service for the Switch, stating that they will be rolling out in the second half

Steep Isn’t Coming to the Switch Anymore

About a year ago, back when the Nintendo Switch was just getting its legs under it, Ubisoft’s Steep was one of the games announced for

Video: Freedom Planet Switch Launch Date Announcement Trailer

Marvelous Games, the European publisher for the Switch version of Freedom Planet, has released a Nintendo Switch launch date announcement trailer. The game will release

The Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Launch “In The Second Half Of September”

Nintendo hasn’t said much about the Nintendo Switch Online service, which is supposed to launch next month. Well, Nintendo has decided to confirm that the

Mega Man 11 Is Getting a Playable Demo on Xbox One this September

Mega Man 11 will be getting a demo a month ahead of release, according to a report from TrueAchievements. The latest entry in the series

Donkey Kong Country Designer Wishes He Gave King K. Rool A Better Name Now That He’s In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The reveal of King K. Rool as a new playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was arguably the most surprising thing that came out

New Pokemon Let’s Go Trailer Displays a World Beyond Pallet Town

It wouldn’t feel like Pokemon Season without an official trailer that confirms previously leaked information. Nintendo and the The Pokemon Company recently released a Pokemon

Fortnite Makes Balance Change to Building Material and SMGs – Game Rant

Without a doubt, the Fortnite meta has been in a constant state of flux ever since Epic Games introduced the Battle Royale portion of the

The Final Season Trailer Sets the Stage for Clementine

Telltale Games has released a brand new trailer for The Walking Dead: The Final Season, setting the stage for the final journey Clementine will embark

Sakurai Says He Will Continue Making Smash Bros Games “If The Demand Is There”

Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai and his team have undoubtedly worked extremely hard on the next edition of the Smash Bros series, Super Smash

Ubisoft Confirms STEEP Development On The Nintendo Switch Has Been Stopped

The visually impressive STEEP was announced for the Nintendo Switch quite some time ago, but since that time little has been said or shown of

Where to Hit a Golf Ball for Week 5 Challenge – Game Rant

The Season 5 Week 5 challenges are live in Fortnite, which means that players have some new activities for their Battle Pass. This week adds a

Fortnite Android Beta Available Now for Samsung Galaxy Users – Game Rant

Over the last few days and weeks, rumors have been circulating that the Android version of Fortnite would be exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note

Pokemon Let’s GO Shows Off Mega Evolutions – Game Rant

Following mega evolution rumors that surfaced about a week ago, Pokemon Let’s GO unveiled a new trailer that altogether confirms the presence of mega evolution in the

Mega Evolution And More Revealed For Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu And Eevee

The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo announced new details about Mega Evolution and much more in the highly anticipated Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! games,

US: Nintendo Download For 9th August 2018

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content: Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch OKAMI HD – Take the role of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess

Where to Find the Snobby Shores Treasure Map – Game Rant

The Week 5 challenges are live in Fortnite Season 5, meaning players have more enemies to kill and new hidden battle stars to find. A couple

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