The 7 Strongest Marvel’s Villains And The 5 Weakest

The most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe and the most weak.
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When we think of superheroes, we think of great beings that have the ability to overcome any situation thrown at them with the use of their brains or superpowers. This has been a staple of these stories for decades, but we also like to see a hero fail, fall and die trying sometimes. What is the most popular catalyst for this? The Super Villain, of course! And Marvel has a ton of them!

But then comes the age old debate when it comes to super villains. Who’s better? Who can beat who? Who’s the strongest? Well, in this video, we’re not only going to visit who’s amongst the mighty, but who is amongst the meek. Please don’t start a real fight over those characters, let us debate for you! So get ready, because CBR is here to take you on a villain journey! Let’s go!


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