DCUO Episode 33: “Heraldry of Atlantis” Briefing Guide & Reward

The “Heraldry of Atlantis” Briefing is one of two Briefings found in DC Universe Online Episode 33: Atlantis. In this Briefing, Aquaman and Mera discuss the history of Atlantis. The reward for completing the Heraldry of Atlantis is the Crown of Thorns Trunks style.

Aquaman and his wife Queen Mera discuss the origins of Atlantis. How Atlantis was once part of the surface World and ruled by “The Great King” – King Atlan, a great Mage. Whilst serving on the throne, he was betrayed and murdered by his brother, Orin the First. King Atlan went into exile to plot his revenge.

While in Exile, King Atlan forged great weapons, including the Scepter of Atlan. The Scepter was used to sink Atlantis to the depths of the ocean for his betrayal. King Atlan would become known as the Dead King, and the Scepter of Atlan would become known as the Dead King’s Scepter.

The Dead King later died. He was buried in a tomb with all his crafted weaponry. Except one item. The trident wielded by Aquaman.

The full story in much more detail can be heard in the audio attached to this Briefing. All 7 parts are spread out throughout the Episode 33 content. Each part and their timestamp on the video are as follows:

1) Words of Wisdom – 0:50
2) Namesake – 1:20
3) The Great King – 1:47
4) The Dead King’s Scepter – 2:22
5) Xebel, Xebel – 2:47
6) Changing the Tide – 3:22
7) A Gift of the Dead King – 3:58

Upon completing the Heraldry of Atlantis briefing, players will be sent the Crown of Throns Trunks styles, a legs style inspired by the Crown of Thorns Golem from the Silent School alert. This style is a reskin of the Forest Spirit style from the DCUO Spring Seasonal Event.

For more information about the rewards found in DCUO Episode 33, check out my guide on the DCUO forums: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/dcuo-episode-33-atlantis-rewards.299151/

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