Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Latest DLC: RinoaHeartilly

The best thing about Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is that since it’s in the PS4, it can receive regular updates. That means that a steady stream of new roster members is a certainty. The latest one to join in the never-ending scuffle between light and darkness is a beauty, the crush of many 90s gamers. No, it’s not Tifa Lockhart, but good guess nonetheless.

We’re talking about Final Fantasy VIII’s RinoaHeartilly.

Up to Speed: Final Fantasy Dissidia NT

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan who has also been living under a rock, here’s a quick rundown: Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is the sequel of Final Fantasy Dissidia. It’s a spinoff where the franchise’s iconic heroes and villains are placed in a huge map where they, aside from dashing and flying around, fight it out with a plethora of moves that deal either direct damage to life or defense. Thus, players must choose how to mix and match their attacks if they are to succeed. Do it the old-fashioned way, with you whittling down your enemy’s HP bit by bit, or chip his or her defenses before ending things one fell swoop through a super-special move? It’s all up to you!

In Dissidia NT, however, the game is changed up a bit. This time, you choose three characters that will help you out in combat. With the game being a 3-on-3, things are definitely mixed up a bit in an excitingly fresh way.

Beautiful Girl, Bizarre Installment

For those Final Fantasy fans that started with X, XV, or worse, XIII, Rinoa is the romantic interest of Final Fantasy VIII’s protagonist, the serious, quiet, and brooding Squall Leonhart. The world of Final Fantasy VIII is as strange as it is cheesy. Squall, a student in a flying mercenary school (don’t ask), is tasked to guard Rinoa Heartilly, the leader of the Timber Wolves, a small rebel group aiming to take down a militaristic dictatorship. Obviously, they fall in love, and they have a romantic adventure in true blue teeny-bopper fashion that seems like alternate-dimension 90s that’s full of powerful spirits, sorceresses, and dinosaurs.

As it was in her home game, Rinoa uses the Blaster Edge, a weapon that shoots a projectile, which is either a chakram or some sort of throwing knife. She also has a dog named Angelo, who loyally assists her and battle. Finally, lore-wise, she’s a sorceress. Or more specifically, someone who has the potential to be one, so Rinoa’s going to be casting a lot of magic. And it’s going to hurt. Plus, she gains angel wings once she unlocks Limit Break, which, aside from being cool and makes her even more crush-worthy, lets her glide across the field.

As if the beauty of Dissidia NT’s Rinoa isn’t enough, here’s a little extra for those who are into Japanese pop culture: Rinoa’s voice actress is Kana Hanazawa. She’s a prominent voice actress who has given life to well-known anime characters like RizeKaneshiro of Tokyo Ghoul and Kosaki Onodera of Nisekoi. Plus, she herself is a sight to see.

The Road to Completion

Rinoa is the third DLC character to arrive in Final Fantasy Dissidia NT. The first one was VayneSolidor, the antagonist of Final Fantasy XII, which, unlike other character-driven installments, is politically driven, making it a highly divisive title. Locke Cole, the unofficial second-most important main character of the well-loved and highly applauded Final Fantasy VI, then came after him. According to Square Enix, they already have a road map for the upcoming DLC characters, which they say they will release on a bi-monthly basis. This will go on until late 2019. If you do the math, and if the releases are indeed as regular as Square Enix promises, players are going to receive 12 DLC characters at most.
Will you be relying on the beautiful leader of the Timber Wolves and Squall Leonhart’s ultimate love? You better be—especially if you’ve had a crush on her since 1998!

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