DCUO Episode 33: The Zodiac Crystals Collection Reward – Silent School Helm of Omnipotence

The Silent School Helm of Omnipotence is the reward for completing The Zodiac Crystal Collection in DC Universe Online’s Episode 33: Atlantis.

The Silent School Helm of Omnipotence is Episode 33’s Omnipotent item. The style is “Silent Master” and takes inspiration from the mask worn by The Faceless One, a character encountered in the Atlantis content.

The item level of this helm is 242 and was the strongest available helmet in the game when the Atlantis DLC was the most current content. When combined with a full set of Elite gear, all of the accessories, and Robin’s Footwear of Omnipotence from Episode 32, players could achieve a maximum Combat Rating of 262.

The Zodiac Crystals collection is made up of 12 different collection pieces. 11 of the 12 different collections can be obtained as rare loot drops, when defeating certain bosses/from certain loot situations, in Episode 33. The final piece must be purchased from the Atlantis rewards vendor, at a cost of 390 Rath Crowns.

The collections that make up the Zodiac Crystals collection are:

Shard of the Aries Crystal
Shard of the Taurus Crystal
Shard of the Gemini Crystal
Shard of the Cancer Crystal
Shard of the Leo Crystal
Shard of the Virgo Crystal
Shard of the Libra Crystal
Shard of the Scorpius Crystal
Shard of the Sagittarius Crystal
Shard of the Capricornus Crystal
Shard of the Aquarius Crystal
Shard of the Pisces

For a complete list of known drop locations of each of the OP collections, check out my guide on the DCUO discussion forums at this link: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/dcuo-episode-33-atlantis-rewards.299151/

Upon completing this collection, players will unlock the “Mantel of the Aquamancer” feat, a 3 star feat worth 50 feat points. Players will then be sent the Silent School Helm of Omnipotence

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