Paragon – Essentials Edition – PlayStation 4

Price: $19.20 - $20.68
(as of Nov 02,2018 16:18:29 UTC – Details)

Join the fight in Paragon, Epic Games’ new MOBA on PlayStation 4, which puts you in the action using direct third-person control and making deep strategic choices. Choose from an ever-expanding roster of unique Heroes, earn cards to customize your abilities, and lead your team to victory.Diverse roster of heroes – Paragon has a stylish, diverse roster of heroes that play a variety of roles in battle. Each hero a set of abilities that can turn the tide of battle.
Heroes Untethered – Skill matters. Paragon puts you in direct control of the action like you’ve never experienced in a MOBA.
Deeply Strategic Card Item system – Customize your hero in Paragon to your play style with a carefully built item deck.
The Essentials Edition includes: Access to Closed Beta (through the disc); $60 Worth of In-Game Currency – spend on additional Master Challenges, skins, boosts, and other items; special Twinblast skin (product launch exclusive).
(5) Hero Master Challenges -Instantly unlocks (5) Skins, plus opens more rewards for each Hero Level (Includes Twinblast, Sevarog, Iggy & Scorch and two soon-to-be-announced); (5) Three-Win Rep Boosts – to earn rewards faster.

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