Eyes on Worlds: NA Cloud9 vs EU Fnatic (2018 World Championship Semifinals)

NA versus EU. It’s one of the oldest and most heated rivalries in League of Legends. At the 2018 World Championship Semifinals, the NA-EU rivalry took center stage as Cloud9 faced Fnatic for the last spot in the Finals. For North America’s Cloud9, a miraculous comeback from last place in the NA LCS has seen them advance further at Worlds than any team in the league’s history. For Europe’s Fnatic, a dominant yearlong campaign culminates in a chance to return to the World Championship Finals, a place they haven’t been since winning Worlds in Season One.

It’s a classic battle for the title of best in the West — and the stakes have never been higher.


“Eyes on Worlds Theme (2018)” by Riot Games

“Eyes on Worlds Theme (Backing Piece 2.1)” by Riot Games

“Alpha Tier (Instrumental)” by Boris Nonte

“Bitter Rivals” by Sleigh Bells

Watch Fnatic in the 2018 World Championship Finals on Nov. 3 starting 12:30AM PT / 9:30 AM CEST live at:


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